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The Perfect Storm photos added 2007
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Welcome to the
"Blizzard of 78" Web Site

This page has information, stories, links and photos related to
"The Storm of the Century" - The Great Blizzard of 1978.

The Towns of Hull (aka Nantasket Beach) and Scituate, MA
are of primary focus. Since "The Blizzard of '78" affected a large
portion of New England, the Mid-Western United States,
Canada and the UK, you will be able to find information
about the Blizzard in those areas as well.

There are also photos and links related to the No Name Storm,
aka "The Perfect Storm".

Please take your time and visit each page.
Be sure to stop by the guest page.

This page was last updated on: January 29, 2022
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For those of you who wondered "just what is MrMoose143". Lets break it down by the fine elements. 

Mr. (mis'ter) pl. mister: used before the name or title of a man.

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143 for those who love Lighthouses, this is already known. 1- 4- 3 I Love You. Taken from Minot's Ledge Lighthouse in Cohasset, MA. 1- 4- 3 is the sequence that the light flashes. It is known as the lovers light house and can be easily seen from the shores of HullCohasset, Scituate and Marshfield, MA.

Hence; I am a man Mr, my nick name has been Moose for many years (aka Bruce the Moose) and the 143, well guess I'm just a lovable kind of guy.

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In addition to the Blizzard of 78, you can find photos and stories of old Hull.  These are great shots of Hull from the early 1900's through the 1970's.  You should take a look, you might see your mother or grandfather.

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An Interview with Retired Scituate 
Harbor Master Elmer Pooler & his photos
Photos of Hull Snow Storms 1926 - 1948
Added Feb 1 2005
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"BLIZZARD of 78" stories from Hull
 "BLIZZARD of '78" stories outside of Hull
"BLIZZARD of 2005" photo's  Braintree
New Blizzard photos of Hull 
Added to this site Sep 29, 2017
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11 Blizzard photos of Scituate. 
Added to this site Oct 11, 2005
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Grey Hill, N. Weymouth, MA .July 22, 2007
Photo's from this web site are 
featured in the Weather Channels 
newest project. 
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Hosted by  
Harry Connick, Jr.  

Stories & photo's wanted.
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WBGU-PBS Bowling Green, Ohio
A new special on Ohio's Blizzard of 78
Links to other web sites dedicated to the 
Blizzard of 78 all over the country
A great book released in
Jan 2008 is an updated look at the 
Blizzard of 78 in the Boston area.

This book features 12 pages of photos
found on this web site.

Greater Boston's Blizzard of 1978
by Alan Earls
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