Across the Street - on A street 1950's
Now for some more resent photo's of the old neighborhood from the 50's 60's & 70's
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1 Central Ave
One of dad's boats in the field across the street early 1970's
Hull Lobster Pound - A Street pier - 1970
Lost Hull
Photo's of Lost Paragon take by Bob Miller
Hull Village Methodist Church around 1965 - 66
Front row: Hugh Jacobs, Edwin Parsons, Bill Verry, ? Litchenberger, Edward Hirsch, ?, Butchie Camera, Ronald Reede, Leelee Field, ?, ?, Debbie Parsons, Kathy Childers, Donna Hirsch, Billy Simons, Steven Hirsch, Bobby Clarke, Steven McSheffrey, Janet McSheffrey, ?, ?, ?
Middle row: Bobby Miller, ?, ? Getz, Juile Getz, ? Getz, Bobby Blossom, David Parsons, Cindy Pearsons, Charlene Josselyn, ?, Jeannie Parsons, ? Josselyn, Martha Jacobs, ? Parsons, Bruce Simons, Jeffrey Reede, Sarah Blossom, ?, ? Litchenberger, Cherryl Camera, Barbara Hirsch
Back row: Sandy Jacobs, Lori Ann Miller, ?, ? Townsend, Debbie Torrey,  Mike Townsend, Esther Hanna, Roy Tollefson, Snooky Johns, Tommye Reede, Rev Earle Luscombe, Esther Field, Gail McSheffrey, Lois Verry, Shirley Camera, Susan Hanna, Anne Simons, ?,?, Joan Reede