Miller's Bus  Post Card 1916
Miller's tow truck. The 1st on the South Shore
This photo was also a Post Card
Miller's Boat Shop when Nantasket Ave was still a dirt road.
Miller's Dock U Street 1937
Allerton Stove Hounds
Fullers Store & Post Office 1918
Lloyd is standing on left
Miller's Boat Shop in 1931
This is page two of my old family
photos taken around Hull.
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My grandfather, Lloyd Parker Miller owned and operated Miller's Boat Shop on the corner of Nantasket Ave and U Street for many years. In addition to running the boat shop he pumped gas, did auto & marine repairs, owned & operated Hull's first tow truck and owned & operated Hull's first bus. He sold the bus to the army to transport soldiers during WWI.
The Schooner Nancy on Nantasket Beach
Pa in his Harbor Master Hat June 1942
Party on way to Boston Light Oct 1946
Gala Day Bayside 1910
Sonny & Anna Miller U St Aug 1937
Bill, Lil & Ann on U Street
Post Card - Veiw from Lafayette Hill
The old gang on U Street dock
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Hull was and still is a place full of all kinds of different professions, abilities, hobbies and people with the stamina to achieve and make their way. Today online universities that offer online degree programs make it easy to still learn the professions that started this community. Whether jump starting a Marine business or seeking the environment through fishing and wildlife programs online universities cater to the surrounding area of the Hull and further.  

Miller's Boat Yard Docks
Page two of old photos from Hull MA. Miller and Simons family of Hull MA. History of Hull MA.