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On Sunday, Jan. 20, 2002 I had to drive mom down to Hull to check on something at the Central Ave house. When we were done we took a ride over to the windmill. Coming back it started to look like the sunset was going to be a nice one. But it was only 4:00 and we had to get back to Scituate.
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Heading towards Scituate we drove past A street. I took this shot around 4:00. From there we continued on, taking my favorite route from Hull to Scituate along the coast roads.

The sky colors started to get better and I was getting mad I didn't hang around Hull a bit longer. Then we came around the corner crossing the bridge in Cohasset that passes over the cove inlet. The sky was so orange... but there is no place to stop on this section of road... I was going crazy.
Well I made a quick decision and turned around heading back over the bridge. Checked my rear view mirror and stopped on the bridge to take some shots (someone came up behind me). I only got two.

So I started to pull away when I noticed a couple of folks in Kayaks. 
Just after the bridge there is a very small spot where a car can almost pull off the road with a big No Parking No Stopping sign on it. But I was not going to miss getting a few shots of this sunset with some great foreground  action.

Mom stayed in the car and I jumped out.
Boy I'm glad I did.
It was wonderful. These guys were just floating along chatting. It almost seemed like they were posing for me. No cars went by while I was shooting. I could hear the water rushing under the bridge a few birds and the wind.  I wished I had my video camera with me.

I could have sat there for hours just watching the day end.
But we had to get moving. Rozz and Brandi sat waiting for us in Scituate. As we continued on and came up to Cohasset Harbor, the sky had changed from orange to purple. So what else could I do... I pulled over.  A few minutes earlier the sky was full of color... but now most of it had faded.
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This next group of shots taken July 3, 2004
This scrolling photo contains 15 shots shown in sequence of how I took them.
If you want to stop the photo, just drag your cursor across it.
These photo's where all taken from the stern of our friends boat, the evening of July 3, 2004 at the mouth of the Fore River while waiting for the Weymouth fire works to begin. All shots taken with my Sony DCR-TR350 digital video & still shot camera.

Usually I'm not that happy with the still shots from this camera (low mega pixels), but these came out pretty nice.
On our trip back to the marina, the moon just blew up and was very cool. The shots are small because I was on a moving boat with a camera that is so so at best.
I took this group on Jan 27, 2007 in Mystic, CT
Used my Minolta Maxxum 5D
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Today's sunset Sunday March 18, 2007
Taken at Sunset Lake, Briantree, MA
July 22, 2007 from Grey Hill,
N. Weymouth MA